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Plumbing Fittings

At Hohl Plumbing we stock a wide range of plumbing fittings and pump parts.

Hohl Plumbing
  • PVC - Drainage and Pressure Fittings and Pipes
  • Capillary and Compression Fittings and Copper Pipe
  • RMC Hot Water valves, Gate valves and Brass, Poly and PVC Ball valves
  • Poly fittings, Rural, Metric and Threaded (nipples, elbows, bushes, sockets etc)
  • Screwed Brassware and Galvanised Fittings
  • A large range of Davey Pumps and spare parts
  • Gas refills, Swap 'n Go and household cylinders for pick up
  • Welding, BOC gases, Mig wire, Electrodes and Welding consumables and spare parts
  • A range of Hand Tools, High Pressure Cleaners and Generators
  • Everhard Septic tank, Holding tank and Grease traps (concrete and Poly) in stock
  • We also have a Licensed Sheet Metal worker in store. Specialising in stainless steel benches, tool boxes, flashing, shower trays, sumps etc.
  • Sheet steel (Zl, Za, Ss, CU), angles, pipe and RHS in stock
Hohl Plumbing
Hohl Plumbing
Hohl Plumbing

Pool Supplies

Hohl Plumbing

At Hohl Plumbing we have all your pool needs covered. We specialise in

  • Pool Chemicals & Chlorinators
  • Testing of your pool water
  • Pumps & Pool equipment
  • Filters & Cartridges
  • Spare parts
  • Pool plumbing fittings